To optimize the entire operation of wind turbines, GR WIND provides services that include inspection, repair, maintenance and access to wind turbines. All services are performed directly on the blades, ladders and towers.

GR WIND offers specialized services for wind turbines.

Today, a wide variety of services are crucial to meet the requirements of the wind industry. To maximize the benefits of wind farms, it’s necessary to guarantee the quality, integrity and maintenance of the equipment.


We have the most advanced equipment and use most adapted methods to the typology of wind farm structures. Through a combination of active and passive methods, remote or in situ, we measure the real state of the structure/equipment by producing a detailed report in a short time. All damages found are properly classified, a probable cause is attributed, and a specific intervention/repair plan is suggested based on the condition and considering the external factors that may interfere with the operation.


The combination of inspection and repair methods can be integrated into maintenance plans to extend equipment life. We focus on preventive maintenance, detecting any deviations at an early stage and scheduling repairs in a timely manner, avoiding considerable impacts on wind turbine downtime. Corrective maintenance interventions allow the equipment to be restored to its original state, in which case the access method and intervention choices are crucial in reducing wind turbine downtime.
GR Wind’s maintenance plans take into account the original equipment specifications, standard pathologies, customer requirements, as well as external factors that may influence the correct functioning of the equipment.


We have extensive experience in wind turbine repair, distributed among the different manufacturers and components, which allows us to know the most common pathologies of each type of structure and to be able to act accordingly. This experience is reflected in our specialized teams capable of meeting the demands of any challenge. Our expertise in difficult access allows us to choose the method appropriate for each specific project. We also stand out for our flexibility, taking our response in a short time, regardless of location.
From simple cosmetics to emergency interventions to structural repairs, we are able to restore the original condition of your equipment, ensuring the best performance in the shortest possible intervention time, reducing its impact on production.
At the same time, we are constantly working in partnership with GR Academy to develop new methods and techniques in the laboratory to control the growing demands of the market.


We have multiple means and methods to access wind turbines. From rope access, with IRATA Operational Certification, to access by suspended platforms, representing several manufacturers, as well as motorized lifting equipments. We have multiple options so you can choose the one that best suits the requirements of your project.
We also provide consulting, assistance and technical inspection, as well as providing the same means of access, whether manned or not.
We have a fleet of eight heavy equipments (six single platforms and two 360º blade access platforms) and ten powered ascending equipments , able to fulfill your project requirements and meet the most demanding safety standards.