Environmental policy

By effectively managing natural resources, our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint, prevent and minimize environmental impacts. We work to promote sustainable development goals and ensure that they are the basis for the development of all our companies.

• Comply with legislative standards in accordance with sustainable development.
• Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and encourage innovation to maximize efficiency in the use of natural resources.
• Guarantee sustainable consumption and production patterns.
• Take measures to combat climate change and its impacts.
• Empower and raise awareness to improve environmental performance at the individual and organizational level.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The safety and health of employees are fundamental values for GR, and their promotion and preservation are a priority. We are committed to being at the forefront in the development, implementation and dissemination of safety, health and welfare standards and procedures in the workplace, always demanding the active participation of all interested parties.

• Assume the objective of “zero accidents”, achieving continuous improvement in management and safety performance.
• Manage risk factors by incorporating the necessary measures to promote occupational health and safety.
• Keep all security procedures updated in accordance with existing risks and current legislation.
• Perform a systemic analysis of possible incidents to avoid them.
• Promote healthy living habits and guarantee the appropriate conditions for their implementation, in order to promote the individual attention of employees.

Communication policy

Communication, and the way it occurs, are aligned with the strategy and of GR. The communication standards are governed by the respect of the laws of the countries in which we operate and the applicable regulations, the confidentiality of the information of the interested parties, the accuracy of the information disclosed and the use of responsible communication practices.

• Maintain a conscious and differentiated business identity for its quality.
• Ensure transparent and objective communication flows (internal and external), to be within reach and understanding of all. At GR we believe that everyone is responsible for communication!
• Foster the belief that communication contributes to the successful implementation of actions and the acceleration of results.
• Transmit all adjacent information in a coherent and dynamic way to complete and clarify the idea of our audience.
• Follow the evolution of communications, innovating and meeting the challenges we face.
• Use mechanisms to evaluate the results of communication processes and establish plans for continuous improvement.